Welcome to Saleccia…


This dream beach, with its white sand and its turquoise water, is a true dream destination. So why go off to some island across the world ? U Paradisu campground welcomes you in the very heart of  the Agriate désert, only 1000 feet from the most beautiful beach in Corsica.



A mere 90 minutes from Bastia, close to Saint-Florent, on the edge of the Agriate desert, is a beach known as the most beautiful and wild in Corsica, ranked among the nicest in Europe. The only way to get there is by boat or by vehicle through a rocky path in the desert. That very path is the natural boundary that prevents this jewel from becoming an over-crowded tourist destination in the summer.



Saleccia reveals all its magic to those lucky enough to spend a few days in its company, at U Paradisu campground… and even if it is hard to describe a dream with just a few photos, we hope that your visit to our website gives you an initial taste of the relaxation and pleasure you are bound to experience once you arrive.